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Full Health Check-ups and Preventative Health (commonly known as just Check-ups) are examinations and investigations aimed at identifying any preventable disease in an asymptomatic person. These can include skin cancer screening, pap smears, STD checks, cardiovascular health, weight management, mental health, bone health, prostate problems, cancer prevention, smoking and alcohol problems.

There are various health checks recommended at different ages and as it is quite complex and often related to your family history, it is wise to make an appointment with your doctor to discuss what is appropriate for you at your age.

Often, we have patients asking for a check-up at the end of a medical problem consult, but as these can be complex and time consuming, we ask that if you want a full health check, that you make a dedicated long appointment for this. Feel free to talk to our staff if you need more information.

We can assist you in getting appropriate vaccinations for all ages whilst having the ability to check your immunisation history.

- Flu & Seasonal vaccinations
- Childhood immunisation
- Pregnancy /antenatal vaccinations

You must have a medicare card or DVA card. Otherwise, please talk to a government funded vaccine clinic.
Now you can book online through HotDoc. Please click here.

If you are planning a trip overseas it is always a good idea to check the recommended immunisations for travel. We can provide specific country related travel information and immunisation advice, as well as a medication certificate to our regular patients if travelling with prescription medications.

- Pregnancy Antenatal and Postnatal Care
- Cervical Screening (Previously PAP smear)
- Contraceptive advice and prescriptions

Men's health including prostate & bowel cancer screening.

Health assessments, GP Management Plans and Team Care Arrangements provide a framework for the assessment of patient's overall well-being and management of chronic disease. A chronic disease plan assists the patient and GP manage and identify goals for disease management. This could include a referral to a specialist and allied health providers.

Every 3 to 6 months, care plans are reviewed. Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Referrals entitle patients to 5 Medicare subsidised sessions per the calendar year. You must have a chronic disease to be eligible for an EPC.

Examples for chronic disease- Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart disease, Chronic pain, Arthritis, Kidney disease, Cancer, Asthma, Chronic obstructive airway disease, osteoporosis etc.

We can perform ECG if required according to your clinical situation.

Minor procedures such as excisions of skin lesions, biopsy, removal of superficial foreign body - skin/ eye/ear, ear syringing, adult bladder catheterization (uncomplicated cases) and repair of skin lacerations.

- Commercial Vehicle Licences require a specialised examination and preparation of paperwork.
- You will need to bring in your existing licence and prepare the paperwork before you arrive.
- Commercial Vehicle Licence appointments cannot be rebated to Medicare and will attract a GST charge

When do you need a medical assessment?
If you have a medical condition that affects your ability to drive or ride safely or obtain, hold or renew your licence, you may need to book a medical assessment with your medical doctor or specialist.

This includes people who:

  • are over 75 years old
  • have a long-term medical condition or disability
  • are upgrading a licence class and have a medical condition that affects driving
  • have experienced a recent injury, illness or medical condition
  • are first applying for a Class MC (Multi Combination) licence - then at different intervals based on age (see Austroadslaunch).

For all work cover injuries/consultations, patient must pay the fee at the time of consultation. We will provide you with an invoice and then patient can reimburse the fee from your employer/insurance company.

  • Mental Health Consultation
  • Mental Health Care Plan - Please note patient must have a consult with the doctor to do an assessment first. Eligible patients will be directed to book a time arrange a Mental Health Treatment plan thereafter.
  • Referrals to Psychiatrist

- Skin cancer checks
- Biopsy-suspicious lesions
- Excision of skin cancers

We do Pre-employment medicals and Insurance medicals. However, fee is depending on the complexity and the time. This usually attract GST and not eligible for Medicare rebates. For these services- Please discuss with us prior to make your appointment. Then we can assist you with the duration of consult and fee

We have facility to collect pathology samples for Capital Pathology - This service is available for our regular patients only and available in the mornings on limited days. Our doctors will give you more details if necessary.

Please contact our reception team for more details.

Currently, we do not provide nursing home visit.

Please note this service is only available during after hours for Dr De Silva's regular patients who are elderly/frail/terminally ill and are unable to attend the medical centre. This service is also subjected to Dr De Silva's availability and limited to Franklin, Harrison, Throsby and Gungahlin only (within 3km of the practice). Please contact reception for more details.

Please contact our reception team at 02 6106 9166 for more details

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